VGX Animal Health, Inc. is a subsidiary of Inovio Biomedical and is focused on the development of pharmaceutical products for animal health applications.

VGX Animal Health was founded to bring cutting edge technologies to the world of animal health. Over the last decade, a group of dedicated researchers has developed a wide range of technologies that hold promise for enhancing the performance and welfare of the world's animal populations.

After treating thousands of animals with our GHRH therapy, we know that this technology has the potential to positively impact many animal species.

In the process of addressing some of the world's most significant health challenges, we are developing solid technological solutions that solve some of the most difficult problems in Animal Health.

Please explore our website to learn more about some of the innovative ways we are improving the well-being of animals, which in turn will enhance the lives of the people who care for them.

VGX Animal Health DNA Vaccine for Dogs Could Reduce Tumor Growth and Increase Survival

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